Cast On Earth


Ryan Walters
Guitar / Mandolin / Banjo / Ukulele / Vocals

Paul Justin Hollingsworth
Guitar / Mandolin / Banjo / Ukulele / Vocals

Sean Joseph Haney

Eve McCarthy

These guys are blazing a new path and doing some important work in the field of music. Keep a close eye and ear on them. Totally, for real.
— Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Listening to Cursed on Earth is like rifling through a collection of sun-bleached postcards, each their own well worn American songbook entry, peering into labors of generations past and lost traditions.
— Palana

Cursed On Earth, 2018



For the last decade, multi-instrumentalist cousins Ryan Walters and Paul Justin Hollingsworth have written literal volumes of music, recording and performing as Cursed on Earth. While sharing both blood and instruments, the distinct fingerprints of their writing styles are evident in their prolific arsenal of songs. Rising from the Seacoast of New Hampshire, Cursed on Earth has built a home for their unique form of storytelling on the outskirts of traditional folk and bluegrass. Drawing unexpected texture from banjo, ukulele, and mandolin strings, Walters and Hollingsworth blend delicate melodies with intricate and driving guitar rhythms as they explore themes of fate, ghosts, wilderness, and the mysteries of time itself. With the addition of percussionist Sean Joseph Haney in 2017, Cursed on Earth solidified its reputation as a band of proper creative artists. Possessing an eclectic understanding of percussion, Haney brings a balance of talent and humility that stands out in the background and is worthy of moments in the spotlight. Propelling from this coalescence, in 2018 Cursed on Earth launched a kickstarted campaign for the recording of Vol.2, one of four such volumes in the band’s catalog. With the support of a fan base a decade in the making, Cursed on Earth met their goal and entered the studio, enabling them to release Vol.2, both digitally and physically, in 2019.

Now a quartet including Eve McCarthy on cello, Cursed on Earth is in a constant state of development. Innovation and creativity are always front-of-mind.