Social Media Platforms: The Rise And (Inevitable) Fall

It’s not extreme to point out that large social media platforms go away, sometimes seemingly overnight, as at least a handful have risen and fallen from our literally every-damn-day lives. There seems to be a progression that hasn’t quite been nailed down yet but likely soon will. Whatever drives it, we’d like to make sure we stay in touch with everyone who loves our music, finds us at least positively entertaining, or just gets a kick out of watching us get on stage and try not to make fools of ourselves. As platforms change - and they surely will - we would like to make sure we can keep in touch with you all in a way that WE, Cursed On Earth, can control, rather than rich, ever connected, increasingly powerful, tech execs. Take a minute and go to and let us know where we can reach you. We’ll make every effort to make all emails you receive from us worth your time. We don’t like repetitive, junk emails either, so count on us not to abuse that promise.

Kind of like this: Here’s some artwork that will likely only come across in emails, or at least will be seen by those on the email list WAY ahead of when others might see it. This character was used in a poster a while back, here it is as an example without any of the rest of the elements of the poster.

The Traveler wCOE.jpg

We do hope you’ll join us on other platforms, as well as receive the email, as each will have a slightly different vibe.
Twitter @CursedOnEarth

You can always email us any pictures, videos, and general well wishes to, as well. We love hearing from people who attended a show!

Thoughtful Gifts
COE Volume II Pillow.jpg

Best fan gift EVER! One awesome lady named Lindsey told us that we inspired her to become a creator, rather than just a consumer; to look for ways to contribute. To say thanks, she made each of us this amazing pillow, featuring the inspiration for this revelation - Volume II artwork - on the front. To all of us, this is recognition of a driving factor in our own endeavors; to inspire those around us to become active participants in the creative process, to create and share instead of just observing from the shadows. This was an extra special one for us, but what are your creative powers? Share them with us! :)

Ryan Walters on WSCA 106.1fm ''

Upcoming radio performance:

Monday, March 25th, 2019 @6pm

Ryan Walters in his shop @ryhanmetalarts .

Ryan Walters in his shop @ryhanmetalarts .

The good fortune and attention keeps coming in and we couldn’t be happier to announce that Ryan will be joining Guy Capecelatro III on WSCA 106.1fm ( Monday evening to play a few songs and talk about the craft of songwriting. We’re very fortunate to have such a supportive network of creatives in the Seacoast Music Scene, it’s hard to overstate the importance of supporting the good being done by engaging with those doing the work of creating and spreading the work of the area’s artists. “Be the good you want to see in the world,” and tune in on the radio, visit the webcast online, attend some shows, buy the album and listen front to back, etc. Dig through the ‘mentions’ when listing to musicians in the area talk, you will be surprised how many times they point you towards more amazing artists just talking about their influences.

Whenever society seems to be utterly at odds, seemingly beyond reconciliation, it ends up being the artists that bring us back to some sort of civility…not once or twice in history, always. “Artists use lies to tell the truth while politicians use them to cover the truth up.” There will likely be NO talk of politics, civic discourse, or fractured societal relations, it’s not likely to be a direct discussion on “the topics” that cures what ails us after all; it’s focusing on what brings us together. Let’s focus on supporting, enriching, and creating good without expectation of reward. Fix the worlds troubles by listing to Ryan sing songs. Guaranteed to somewhat work!

TheMusePodcast: Cursed on Earth (In studio)
Ryan, Justin, Sean of Cursed on Earth @TheMusePodcast. Photo courtesy of Courtney Donovan. March 13, 2019.

Ryan, Justin, Sean of Cursed on Earth @TheMusePodcast. Photo courtesy of Courtney Donovan. March 13, 2019.

Cursed on Earth Visits TheMusePodcast

As of the time this is being written, the episode (originally recorded LIVE on March 13, 2019) is under the clever hand of post-production wizard-in-residence, Duncan Watt; also co-host along with John “Briggsy” Briggs. AKA Briggsy Seagul, AKA Mr Brigg, AKA The Briggsedier General, etc. Duncan and Briggsy welcome musically inclined guests on to discuss their experience with the creative process, the discipline, the art of creating an auditory sensation that sets a mood, relights a candle, crushes to the core, and often times provides the energy we need to make this life one of beauty and reflection. What often happens is the listener is let in on a perspective that would otherwise pass them by, as they casually listen to their ‘favorite’ artist of whatever moment in their lives they find themselves. “What is that thing that drives us to reach into the unknown creative flow and pull out a new piece of art, or song?” This is the question the prodigal musician/host hopes to answer while engaging with these independent, individual musicians.

John Briggs and Duncan Watt @TheMusePodcast. Photo courtesy of Courtney Donovan. March 13, 2019.

John Briggs and Duncan Watt @TheMusePodcast. Photo courtesy of Courtney Donovan. March 13, 2019.

Rather than recounting the entire experience, we’ll let you listen for yourself and draw your own conclusions, as is the new sensation in communication; long-form conversation. This post is aimed more at bringing attention to the platform and notion that we are all more similar than we’re led to believe. We’re curious, given each to what our individual interests dictate, because we’re human and that’s how humans have evolved since the very beginning.

This subject, in particular, is very focused on that very fact; humans are curiously curious. While many simply repeat things they hear, some among us stand way outside the common discourse and see life through a non-tangible lens. It’s in this subset of humans that you’ll find ideas that seem outrageous, coarse, mystical, and sometimes even aggressive in nature. Art is evolution, evolution is art, and evolution and art both require friction. There’s no way to clear an existing path, a path is something that is already clear. Sometimes a path gets overgrown, in need of refinement, though, that path is already conceived. Art, creation, is more about the blazing than the path. You can hope to know what you’re ‘blazing’ towards, but you only have so much control. Through these conversations we can hope to understand better where some of these ‘imperfect’ ideas take root. We can hope to understand each other a little more perfectly.

Included within this episode, two brand new songs that only a very few people have ever heard. Played live in the studio, right at the beginning, middle, and end of the episode, are songs too new for any major stage show. Two of these songs are BRAND NEW…as in finished the night before…as in only actually rehearsed a couple of times…as in sorry for the mistakes, we haven’t had time to develop ANY muscle memory for playing them. This is as close as a non-creator will get to the process itself. So, please, be gentle.

Sean playing live @TheMusePodcast. Photo courtesy of Courtney Donovan. March 13, 2019

Sean playing live @TheMusePodcast. Photo courtesy of Courtney Donovan. March 13, 2019

We’re awaiting notice that the episode is ready to post, so, like you, we’ll wait and consider these ideas and what they mean to our individual curiosities. While doing so, we blaze ever forward; always forward.

Justin being stoic and thoughtful as ever.  Photo courtesy of Courtney Donovan. March 13, 2019

Justin being stoic and thoughtful as ever. Photo courtesy of Courtney Donovan. March 13, 2019

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Cursed on Earth, "Volume II" Listening/Release Party, featuring [mix]tape

**Just released** show update:

Cursed On Earth
Saturday, January 26th 
Early Access "Volume II" Listening Party 6pm
General Doors@7pm 
$5 Backers / $7 ADV / $10 DOS
All Ages / Seated / Standing

The long awaited first full studio release from Cursed On Earth has finally arrived! "Volume II" will already be in the hands of some cursed followers, but this will be the official release party. Copies of the album (as well as lots of other items from the Merched On Earth store) will be available for purchase, to be signed, and listened to - in full - at the beginning of the evening.

The evening kicks off with a by-invite-only listening party for the band's Kickstarter backers, and other select few. With entry, everyone is entitled to 1 breakfast sandwich and 1 beverage of their choosing. "Volume II" will start playing promptly, so don't be late!

Cursed on Earth is pleased to announce that the mighty [mix]tape will be performing ahead of (**Spoiler ALERT** and possibly during) a full show performance by Cursed on Earth! [mix]tape is one of the band's absolute favorite musical acts in the Seacoast Music Scene today. Their ability to captivate audiences is on par with some of the greatest acts from the area's past, and CoE was lucky to have them featured on a special recording done during this album's recording process. They are NOT to be missed.

8pm - The main event. With 10 songs now recorded for the ages, look for a number of powerful new pieces to come out this evening, two of which are already leaving early listeners with jaws agape. The feeling in the CoE camp is of profound accomplishment and elation...the hope on this eve is to spread that to as many people as possible. Bring along everyone you'd love to share this music with, because the shared experience is the new lifestyle of the truly rich, and it takes very little money at all to be apart of!

“Volume II” cover artwork